Hi, I’m Rob!

I lead overwhelmed and frustrated Med-Surg nurses to the thoughtful preparation that all Med-Surg nurses before them wished they had discovered. 

Frontline nurses are leaving the bedside in record-breaking numbers because they are unprepared for their daily workflow.

I have 20,000+ hours of bedside Med-Surg nursing experience. Unfortunately, during my time on the floor I've witnessed the mass exodus of bedside nurses.

Nursing schools prepare their students to pass their state nursing boards. Hospital orientation programs familiarize new nurses with hospital policies and clinical expectations. I teach ready to use innovative solutions to improve bedside workflow.

My bedside Medical-Surgical experiences have been diverse. I’ve worked as a Charge Nurse for a decade, a Medical-Surgical Travel Nurse for three years, and earned my Medical-Surgical Nurse certification — a title held by only 6% of all Med-Surg nurses. I was previously appointed to serve my peers on a Med-Surg floor as Chair of our Unit-Based Council. In all of my experience, being a Nurse Preceptor and mentor was my favorite.

Within our private community, I extend my experiences for your advantage. There's no substitute for experience, but you can leverage my bedside experience to reach your goals of less stress and more confidence on the floor.

I believe that better preparation for the common and uncommon challenges on Medical-Surgical floors leads to better nurse and patient bedside experiences.

Over the years, I’ve listened to many overwhelmed and frustrated nurses. As much as I want to help every frustrated nurse, I offer the most value to Med-Surg nurses.

I understand you may feel like no one is listening to the Med-Surg nurse’s complaints but… I’ve listened and will continue to listen. I genuinely believe whoever understands the Med-Surg nurse best will win at helping them the most.

No one is coming to save us. You have to save yourself.

You deserve - A Better Med-Surg Experience!

Click the link to purchase the course and join the ranks of other nurses who’ve saved themselves.

See You on the Better Side,

Robert McGee Jr. BSN, RN, CMSRN

Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

We always pay for lessons with either time or money. - Alex Hormozi

As a Med-Surg nurse, you can pay for your mistakes the hard way or you can pay someone who has made those mistakes. You can actually consider your payment today, a payment for the convenience to not make the mistakes that other nurses will inevitably make in the future. 

Should you decide to leave Med-Surg nursing in the future, this course ensures you won’t leave feeling defeated.

We’ve invested time and money into creating this course for nurses who are drowning in their work on their floors. 

But… will you invest your time and money into yourself?

How A Better Med-Surg Experience Can Work for Nurses with Little Planning

  • Block 1-2 hours per week to review the course.
  • Pace yourself, as the course is yours for life.
  • Choose a preferred location to study: park, beach, coffee shop, library, or your happy place.
  • Set a completion goal (e.g., 2 months after purchase date).
  • Set regular reminders on your calendar to complete 1-hour segments of the course.
  • Engage an accountability partner: Ask them to purchase the course and hold each other accountable.

How Any Nurse Can Afford A Better Med-Surg Experience 
  • Pick up 2 extra shifts on your floor or an easier floor.
  • Sell nursing school textbooks.
  • Sell an item you no longer use.
  • Tutor a nursing school student: Hang flyers at a nursing school after receiving the school’s approval.
  • Limit fast food and coffee purchases for two weeks to save money.
  • Limit expensive purchases for one month to save money.
  • Request the course amount from a family member as a gift.
  • Pause 401k for 2 pay periods.
  • Start a side hustle that you are passionate about.
  • Ask for a scholarship from your employer.
  • Work for a friend or family member who owns a business.
  • Consider a combination of the above strategies.

Work is always BETTER with the right tools. We provide the right Med-Surg tools.

How to Not Waste Your Money on A Better Med-Surg Experience 
  • Review the first Section and estimate time for subsequent modules.
  • Complete quizzes, use the workbook, and download/print PDFs from each lesson.
  • Enlist a good friend to hold you accountable for completing the course.
  • Participate in our private group discussions and strategy calls.
  • Inform your Nurse Manager about the course and request periodic progress checks regarding bedside workflow improvements.

How to Finish the Course Sooner Than Expected
  • Set realistic goals and create a timeline for your individual lessons.
  • Reward yourself with a small or large gift upon course completion.
  • Recognize the immense knowledge gained by completing the course.
  • Make completing the course a high-priority task on your calendar.

Course Curriculum

  Course Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Transform Your Approach to Bedside Nursing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Utilize Empowering Strategies for Effective Stress Management
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Manage Your Shift Like a PRO - Strategies from an Experienced Med-Surg Nurse
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Create a Better Professional Experience Despite the Toxicity of Your Current Environment
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Understanding Your Nurse Manager’s Requests to Enhance Your Med-Surg Experience
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Help! I Want to Leave Med-Surg Nursing… What should I Do?
Available in days
days after you enroll

How to Apply Course Materials on Your Med-Surg Unit

Organize our printable PDF documents in a resource folder for the floor.
Aim to use at least 3 of our strategies or frameworks during your shifts.
Find someone to hold you accountable for applying the skills you've learned.
Follow the recommendations mentioned in your lessons.

You Have a Teacher You Can Trust...

“When I worked together with Robert on a Medical-Surgical floor at a hospital in Dallas, the one thing I recall is his passion for caring for his patients. He not only provided the best bedside care, but also assisted his fellow nurses in any way possible. Robert was always just as passionate, intelligent and helpful as he is now. When I learned he wrote this book to assist new nurses in surviving their first year as a Med-Surg nurse, it was not surprising. I recommend all of the new Med-Surg nurses use his knowledge as part of their “survival kit”.

Dhruti Desai, MSN, FNP-C

"Robert is the kind of nurse that every nurse needs on their team. He’s a hard working, straightforward, and honest person who puts his best foot forward every time he steps onto the floor. Every nurse (new or weathered) needs to understand the value of teamwork, and Robert is an example of someone you would hope to be more like in your practice."

Heather McGuire, MSN, AGAC NP-BC, RN

"Robert was my preceptor on my first job right out of nursing school. He made me feel comfortable and felt like any challenge was approachable. He was proficient and always made sure every task was completed flawlessly. I really enjoyed my time working with Robert because he always provided a cool, calm and collected way to manage 5 patients simultaneously on the Med-Surg floor. It is because of him that I have tried to practice that calm peace of serenity when dealing with patients."


"I worked with Robert for about three years and he taught me so much. He is the kind of nurse that goes above and beyond for both his patients and his coworkers. Robert is hardworking, a great leader, a teacher, and a mentor. He pays attention to details. He always had a notepad during his orientation, and every so often he would bring out the notepad and reference his notes. Working with Robert was both a privilege and an honor."

Vivian Ogini, MS, RN, BSN, CMSRN

"Robert is a highly talented and motivated individual who has the highest passion about the Nursing Profession. During the years that I have worked with him, I have observed his interpersonal style of dealing with people. He is a pleasant individual who believes in positive motivation. I would describe him as a dedicated and enthusiastic Nurse who always practices teamwork. He consistently performed his duties with competence and often goes that extra mile, doing more than expected of him. It was a nice experience working with him."

Jasmine Joy, MSN, RN, FNP

"Nursing is not about glamor, it’s about a drive to improve and make better. Sharpening Med-Surg professional skills is important. It is better when coupled with building a healthy workplace. Having worked with Robert in a very challenging Med-Surg environment, I am a witness that he is passionate about making and leaving the workplace better. I recommend reading his book and taking notes! Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge and passion."

Evelynn Githiiyu, MSN, RN

"I remember working with Robert my first year out of nursing school back in 2015. I was super intimidated at first to join an experienced crew, but Robert was kind and always willing to lend a hand to a new grad. I learned so much thanks to his patience and calm demeanor in a hectic med-surg environment."

Danielle Huddleston, BSN, RN

"Robert McGee is a Med-Surg RN PRO nurse for sure. Having shared quite a few patients with him during my 3 years at our community hospital, I knew I could always depend on Robert to accurately track vitals, stay on top of critical labs, notify me of any significant changes in a patient’s clinical status, and give great bedside care to people with a wonderfully positive and compassionate attitude. It was a sad day for everyone when he left our hospital. Robert is a man of integrity and thoughtfulness; I would pretty much trust anything he said."

Crystal Hlaing, MD

Internal Medicine Hospitalist

"Robert was always an attentive and knowledgeable Nurse. He is a go-getter as a Nurse and as a man outside of the clinical arena. I congratulate Robert on his course. I believe it is going to be insightful and a good tool for everyone who purchases it!"

Charisse Huey, LCSW